The Benefits of Furniture Restoration

A piece holding sentiment is a piece worth looking after.

Our expertise allows people to keep beloved items for longer. When a homeowner has a damaged piece, restoration is often the best choice for them. We work with insurers to provide an excellent service, meaning claims are resolved in a timely and professional fashion.


Keeping a Special Item Alive

Restoring furniture allows policyholders to keep items with sentimental value. They are sure to appreciate a provider that helps them repair the furniture they love. Many would prefer it instead of being offered a replacement of similar monetary value. What matters to many people is how they feel about things of their own. They are less worried about the monetary value of their possessions. Helping them to restore high value memorable pieces to their former beauty.


Saving Money and Avoiding Replacement

Often a restoration process can be more cost-effective than choosing to replace an item. It’s important to have a reliable valuation so any mitigation can be handled fairly.


Increasing the Value of Furniture

Furniture restoration provides an opportunity to ensure valuable furniture has been valuated. So both the homeowner and insurance provider know where they stand.

Furniture restoration is beneficial for both homeowners and their insurance providers. Farcroft has valuable experience providing services to insurance companies to help settle claims to the highest standard and delivered on time.

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For more information about internal & external building conservation & preservation, please visit Ravenoak. A part of the Farcroft Restorations family.

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