Specialist Logistics & Fine Art Handling


Packaging, handling, transport, and storage of fine art objects requiring restoration is a critical part of a successful conservation effort. Farcroft’s handling and logistics for fine art works is part of the care and attention to detail they bring to all their preservation work.

Packaging both 2-D and 3-D artworks often requires supports and custom boxes or enclosures to protect the pieces; this method of packing allows an unusually shaped or fragile piece of artwork to be shipped and transported internationally. All packing and wrapping materials are archival in nature and will help protect the piece from the elements during transport. Farcroft has skilled craftsmen who specialise in the detailed archival packaging of artworks that will require transport and shipping for conservation.

Transportation is always by specialists in art transport, and full tracking is provided whilst the work is in transit.

Import solutions and temporary admissions permission for customs and VAT can be provided for those who have artworks coming into and out of the UK from the Far or Middle East or North or South America. Temporary, secure, and climate and access controlled storage can also be provided if needed during conservation, shipping and transport. Museum quality standards are maintained for all handling of fine artworks.

Farcroft shows particular care and attention to quality in the packing, handling, transport, and secure storage of artworks needing to be moved for conservation. Our skilled technicians can assist museums, collectors, and galleries with hanging and whole systems installation after artworks have returned home.



For more information about internal & external building conservation & preservation, please visit Ravenoak. A part of the Farcroft Restorations family.

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