Private Clients

Restoring faith in restoration – a dependable route to restoring and conserving prized possessions.


Over the years, we have worked for many private clients to restore and conserve a wide variety of prized possessions.

Items deteriorate over the years, so where a piece has become jaded, Farcroft can provide a comprehensive restoration service to repair damages and revitalise the previous lustre.

Accidents do happen, so if your personal effects are not covered by insurance or the excess cost is likely to exceed repair costs, contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail. Other services which may be of interest are:

Farcroft provides valuations for insurance, probate or investment services.

Rather than risk damage to prized possessions, Farcroft Logistics provides a specialist service for handling, packing, transportation and display of sensitive high value items such as chandeliers, longcase clocks, pianos and fine art pieces.

Restoration work is covered by Farcroft’s 12-month Workmanship Guarantee providing full assurance as to the quality of our workmanship and your total satisfaction.