Impact Damage Restoration

Furniture can be damaged in numerous ways: by incorrect handling or transportation, pet damage, burglary damage, vandalism, accidental impact and abrasion.

With master craftsmen for each essential discipline, from intricate marquetry and veneer inlay work through to restoration of cane and rush seating, Farcroft can skilfully eliminate signs of damage.

Broken joints and frames can be repaired and strengthened to restore the functionality items. Typical damage includes broken runners, hinges and other fittings or broken inlays such as glass and mirrors.

Scratches, abrasions, indentations and gouges can be skilfully removed or filled, toned and refinished to blend with surrounding areas.

Missing sections can be reconstructed, re-veneered or remoulded – all techniques we employ to restore an item to its former condition.


Before & After photos of previous work

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