Fire Damage Restoration

Furniture rescued from a fire damaged property can be affected in various ways, ranging from soot residue and water damage to scorch marks and burn damage.

Soot residue is best removed as quickly as possible to prevent further penetration. Depending on the cause of the fire, soot can be very oily and become deeply ingrained in the surface of wood. This can usually be lifted by specialist cleaning or stripping processes and refinishing the surface.

Fires are often extinguished using water which in itself damages furniture. If the property is exposed to the elements, furniture can be further damaged by water or animal ingress.

Scorch marks can be removed using localised repair techniques. Subject to the value and importance of a furniture piece, it is possible to remove all evidence of severe burn damage with missing sections reconstructed, veneered and refinished to replicate the original appearance.

        Before & After Photos of Previous Work

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