Rug Restoration

Woven rugs, runners and carpets have a long heritage, dating back to early civilisation. It is the extraordinary diversity of styles, designs, colours and history which make them such a desirable furnishing.

Farcroft’s skill in textile conservation and restoration has seen many pieces restored which were thought to be beyond recovery. Evidence of staining such as water marks, mould, soot, candle wax, oil, grease, ink, food, drink residue and body fluid stains can be successfully removed. Unpleasant odours and residual deposits such as smoke, mould and bacteria are removed using specialist cleaning, sanitising and deodorising processes.

Tears, holes, threadbare areas and re-fringing repairs can be undertaken, expertly matching the fibre type, spin, ply, and construction features to retain the authentic appearance and value.

Large rugs can be difficult to handle so to protect the rug and as part of our service to clients, we move furniture as required when uplifting or re-positioning the rug.

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