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Piano Restoration

From antique to modern uprights, mini to concert grands, Farcroft has rescued and revived a wide range of pianos, bringing back beauty to the case appearance and restoring the tone and functionality of an enjoyable instrument.

If a piano has been in water or a seriously damp environment, typical damage includes “sticky” keys, mould formation and corrosion or rusting to the metal components. If a piano has been covered with soot residue, the interior will need to be sensitively cleaned.

Repairs and adjustments to the action, include replacing strings, felts, leathers, cloths, and hammers through to more complex repairs or structural work such as bridge or soundboard rebuilding. We retune all pianos before returning them to their owners.

Damage is often caused by incorrect handling or transportation, so it is important that correct procedures are followed when relocating a piano.



Like all wooden furnishings, piano cases are vulnerable to water, fire and impact damages which leave residual deposits or abrasion marks, and cause veneers to swell or loosen, and joints to crack.

Our finishing team has expertise to restore most types of case finishes and eliminate evidence of damage to return the original surface lustre. Typical finishes include high gloss lacquers, hand finished polishes, traditional waxes, oils, marquetry inlays, gilt work and specially commissioned painted decorations.

Missing or damaged ivory keys can be cleaned or replaced. Brass features such as castors, pedals and hinges can be cleaned and polished, bringing back the original brilliance.

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