Lighting Restoration

Lighting is one of the fundamental features of interior design. From historical to modern pieces, the aim for designers is to achieve impressive lighting effects through intricate construction and elaborate styling. It is the extraordinary diversity of styles, designs and history that drives desirability and value.

Restoration of intricate light pieces such as chandeliers, candelabra and Tiffany lighting are adeptly handled by Farcroft specialists.

Sympathetic cleaning and neutralisation processes remove residue build-up on glasswork, whilst bronze and brass work can be cleaned with the removal of original surface lacquer and then re-lacquering. Where glass has been scratched or chipped, it can sometimes be ground down and re-polished invisibly. Missing or broken pieces can either be re-created or replaced. With our extensive stock of old pieces, it is usually possible to find or re-create any item that is missing or broken.

Farcroft restores many lighting pieces including chandeliers, table-lamps, floor-lamps and wall-sconces.

Lamp shades and bases can be found in a wide variety of materials – textiles, plastics, metals, woods, ceramics and glass. Each piece is assigned to the appropriate craftsmen to carry out structural repairs and restore the surface finish. Electrical safety (PAT) testing can be carried out and where necessary, items can be rewired to ensure compliance with current safety specifications.

Rather than risk unnecessary damage, we provide a proactive service to take down, pack, transport and hang chandeliers for clients. Chandelier cleaning can be carried out on-site or at our workshops.

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