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Clock Restoration

In-depth experience in horology lies behind Farcroft’s strength in clock restoration.

Clock movements can be fully serviced and restored to full working order with intricate parts replaced or reconstructed as appropriate. Movements are stripped down to clean each part, before looking for signs of wear and checking that the wheels and pinions engage properly. Parts can be redressed or replaced before re-assembly and oiling.

We restore most types of clock, from longcase or Grandfather clocks to mantel, bracket, wall or table timepieces, and have many replacement antique components to facilitate this.

Our advice is that where a clock has been damaged, handling the movements should be avoided, because dismantling and setting up clocks is more complex than may be anticipated.


Clocks have tremendous decorative appeal and are in many instances chosen more for the quality of design than accuracy of time-keeping.

Where a clock has been damaged by residual deposit such as soot, components can be cleaned, refinished and polished as required. Hand-painted dial and face cleaning is carried out by the fine art team, utilising specialist conservation methods.

Where damage to the case has been sustained, surface marks and scratches can be eradicated, broken items reconstructed using reclaimed timber carefully selected to match the base material, joints strengthened, damaged sections filled, re-veneered or remoulded. Broken glass can be replaced, carefully matched to suit the age and style.

Our finishing team has expertise to restore most types of case finishes from high gloss lacquers, hand finished polishes, traditional waxes and oils, marquetry inlays, gilt work and specially commissioned painted decorations.

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