Watercolour Restoration

Works of art on paper appear in almost every private or public collection and cover a vast range, both in subject matter and value. Where watercolours have been damaged, our watercolour restoration craftsmen can advise on appropriate treatments and provide recommendations for on-going care.

The condition of both the paper and image can normally be stabilised so that their deterioration is slowed. Whilst most damage can be corrected, taking into account the history of the piece and value, it is sometimes not possible to entirely remove evidence of severe staining. Fragile or wrinkled paper can be re-mounted to provide additional structural support. Mending and retouching can be carried out to disguise tears or missing areas, using liquid paper pulp for infilling.

Works of art should be handled with great care without touching the paper or image. This will prevent colour transfer and smudging.

Watercolour Restoration

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