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Fine Art Restoration

Bringing back the former attractiveness of historic or modern works of art and collectables is both personally rewarding and a valuable service to future generations.

Fine Art Restoration
Specialist Restoration

Valued Yet Unseen

Fine art restoration and conservation protects your investment and legacy. Educating yourself, and bringing in the right team, preserves your art for generations to come.

Oil Painting Solutions

Poor display choices may cause heat, light, or adhesive damage. The vagaries of time and environment. During a restoration process, choices must be handled sensitively, and be well-informed.

Document & Book Restoration

Farcroft book restoration craftsmen can recover and restore most types of paper documents, from single sheets to entire library collections.

Photograph & Print Restoration

The heartache of losing photos from the past is hard to describe, but the good news is, these precious keepsakes may still be salvaged.

Frame Restoration

Not only is professional conservation framing essential for the protection, preservation, and exhibition of a framed piece, but also to ensure all criteria are met to safeguard a collection.

Etching Restoration

In addition to watercolours, Farcroft also specialises in etching restoration and conservation –commonly known as graphic works on paper.

Watercolour Restoration

These fragile works of art need careful restoration where the handling of the piece is deliberately gentle and precise. Restoring watercolours takes knowledge and steady hands that make sure not to touch the piece of art directly.

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Over the years, we have worked with many clients to restore and conserve a wide variety of treasured pieces.


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The Farcroft Story

A background of specialism – respected by eminent auctioneers, trusted by passionate collectors, relied upon by insurance companies.

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  • Valuation of damaged items, before and after proposed work
  • Expert restoration by Farcroft specialists
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