Glass Restoration

Compared with other materials, glass is generally stable and not generally affected by environmental variations. However, being brittle, glass objects are easily broken and glass restoration is often required.

The three basic types of glass are: soda, potash and lead, each with different compositions which characterise its weight, resonance, colour and light refraction. Different colours are achieved by adding metal oxides or stains to the basic ingredients. Specific handling techniques during the heating and after the cooling processes provide scope for the glass to be formed and decorated in many ways. Forming techniques include core forming, free blowing, mould blowing and mould pressing. Once the basic shape of the object has been completed, it can be decorated in numerous ways, either adding more glass to the object, cutting or engraving the surface, or by painting with enamels or gold.

Farcroft can polish out minor surface abrasions and grind down chips to edges, but where more serious damage has occurred, it may be necessary to replace sections.

Glass Restoration

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