China & Porcelain Restoration

Ceramics Restoration

Boasting expertise that is respected by eminent auction houses and discerning collectors, Farcroft provides the highest level of workmanship in conservation and restoration of fine china, porcelain, pottery, resin, terracotta, plaster, clay stone and other related materials.

Whether we receive multiple items or a single prized possession, each piece is given the same careful consideration and dedicated workmanship to achieve an invisible restoration.

China Restoration

Ceramics Cleaning & Conservation

Porcelain Restoration

From cleaning and conservation through to full reconstruction of pieces believed to be beyond repair, we restore items to their original lustre with skilful restoration and sculpting of missing pieces. Original methods and materials, such as genuine gold leaf, are always used to maintain authentic value.

Farcroft provides a replacement service for items where a practical or economic repair cannot be carried out successfully or where the item is part of a matching set.

Ceramics Breakage Repairs

Compared to other materials, ceramics are very brittle and therefore, more vulnerable to accidental damage ranging from minor cracks and chips to major breakage and fragmentation. The style and intricacy of formation of some pieces can also cause structural weaknesses.

Farcroft can successfully restore most ceramic items, from full reconstruction of pieces believed to be beyond repair, through to fine re-glazing or colour enhancement. Detached segments are realigned and reassembled, any cracks are sealed, with fragmentation or missing pieces such as arms, hands or fingers replaced either by re-sculpting or moulding and casting, using carefully selected materials to suit the original construction and finishes.

Where a piece has been broken, collect all the fragments as these can often be reassembled. Avoid attempting to realign pieces together as this can cause further crumbling and fragmentation.

Ceramics Restoration

Colour Enhancement Re-glazing & Gilding

Gilding Restoration

Years of expertise have led us to develop specialist techniques, enabling us to undertake many different types of restoration. Utilising a diverse selection of paints and glazes, we select methodology to suit each particular requirement.

After years of constant use, the glaze and decoration on porcelain pieces can become worn, the outer surface erodes and exposes a porous interior layer. Where this has taken place, we can retouch painted decorations and re-glaze the surface to protect and preserve the piece.

Many types of porcelain and pottery have gilded decoration which traditionally was applied over the glaze and consequently is prone to wear. Farcroft carries out re-gilding using original methods and materials, such as genuine 24-carat gold leaf, to maintain authentic value.

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